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Restore your Ferrari With Confidence Using Authentic Reproductions of Seat Covers, Carpets, Tops, Headliners & Rubber Seals from Models as far back as the 1950s!

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Soft-Trim Parts for Vintage Ferrari Cars

Ferrari road cars, being top-end luxury sports cars, are produced far less than your typical production car and as such it is much harder to find companies that can reproduce the soft-trim parts that needs to be replaced inside a Ferrari. Nonetheless, World Upholstery & Trim has one of the most extensive collections of patterns for seat covers, carpet sets, convertible tops and headliners for Ferrari cars from the 1950's to the late 90's. We can also either authentically reproduce or import most of the original rubber seals, labels and decals using our extensive network of European vendors. But even if we don't have the pattern for the part in question, we also sell the original Italian materials for use by expert trimmers.


Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us to ask if we have the Ferrari part that you need!

Seat Upholstery/Covers

World Upholstery & Trim offers both front seat and rear seat kits for most Ferrari models from the early '50s up to the late '90s. These kits are authentic reproductions of the original seat covers using Italian leather and are designed to restore the original look of the seat after the removal of the old upholstery. Leather Dyes of most factory colors are available for minor retouches and repairs.

Product # 308-9850
250 GT Cabriolet

Product # 308-9856
Daytona Spider

Product # 308-9860

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us so we can find the correct seat upholstery for your car!

Carpet Sets

World Upholstery & Trim offers complete sets of carpet pieces that will allow the replacement of all the original carpet found in the interior of a particular Ferrari car. Each carpet piece is expertly cut to fit and bound in matching or contrasting vinyl complete with heel pads. Our interior carpet sets are made exclusively of Feintuft Velour, the original 5/16” pile, dense, 100% imported wool used in most Ferrari models while our trunk carpet sets use Domestic Nylon Loop, the carpet material that closely resembles the heavy nylon loop used in most Ferrari trunks.

Product # 308-9870
250 GT Lusso

Product # 308-9835
365 GTC

Product # 308-9760
Dino 246 GT/GTS

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us so we can find the correct carpet for your car!

Convertible Tops

World Upholstery & Trim authentically reproduces the top fabric in Ferrari convertibles to allow for easy replacement of worn out or damaged convertible tops. These tops are made using the original Happich German Canvas and bound with hand-rolled colonial vinyl binding as per original. The tops only include the fabric and does not include the pads, seals, straps, headliners, wood bows, bow wraps or the frame. These hardware are normally more durable than the top fabric and must be re-used during installation. We also make boot covers and tonneau covers, for select models. They are also made using the original materials.

Product # 308-2800
275 GTS

Product # 308-3701
Daytona Spider

Product # 308-3700
Mondial Cabriolet

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us so we can find the correct top for your car!


Ferrari headliners originally are made of various types of English Vinyl or Italian Wool. World Upholstery & Trim has authentically reproduced most Ferrari headliners for easy replacement using the original materials. These ready-made headliners are custom fitted for a particular Ferrari model and designed for easy installation while restoring the original look of a Ferrari's headliner. We also sell most of the raw original headliner material used in early Ferrari models.

Product # 308-HL04
275 GTB

Product # 308-HL03
275 GTB/4

Product # 308-STM
308 GTSi QV

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us so we can find the correct headliner for your car!

Rubber Seals

World Upholstery & Trim offers most of the rubber seals that normally needs replacement for Ferrari cars from the 1950s to late '80s. These rubber seals are imported all the way from Italy and are the perfect replacements for damaged or worn out seals. Rubber Seals generally serve the purpose of preventing water penetration and stopping wind noise while driving. Prices for these products tend to flactuate as these are not items that you can stock in significant quantities.

Product # 308-308892
Window Channel Seal
250 GT Lusso

Product # 308-320830
Window Fuzz Strip
365 Daytona

Product # 308-325180B
Engine Seal
Dino 246 GTB

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us so we can figure out the rubber seal that you need!

Labels & Decals

Ferrari models has all sorts of labels and decals found throughout the car that can be damaged or missing altogether due to various environmental factors. World Upholstery & Trim has a collection of these items that we can authentically reproduce and are, for all intents and purposes, identical to the original. These labels and decals add to the authenticity of classic cars especially in car shows.

Product # 308-EVENT
Periodic Maintainance Label
365 Daytona

Product # 308-ET01
Expansion Tank Label
Pre-1984 Ferrari

Product # 308-DHV
High Voltage Plate
Dino 206/246

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us to find out if we have the label or decal you need!

Original Italian Upholstery & Carpet Materials

Ferrari used various types of Italian upholstery, carpet and headliner materials in their different models of cars. World Upholstery & Trim imports these materials all the way from Italy and are available for sale from us. We also have various rubber mattings (sold by the meter) used in early Ferrari models as well as the original Pirelli Black Diamond rubber mat material that were used as heel pads in the 50's and 60's. All Italian raw materials are by special order only (no returns, we guarantee authenticity of the material) since they are costly to acquire and demand is sporadic. We only recommend raw materials for expert trimmers.

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us to see if we have the italian material that you need!

Carpet Floor Mats and Coco Mats

World Upholstery & Trim offers custom-fit carpet floor mats to protect the actual floor carpet of your Ferrari from everyday use. Made in either plush Haig carpet or the imported Feintuft Velour, these slip resistant mats are a perfect addition to your restoration or even for just your every day Ferrari sports car. They are cut to fit exactly for you car's make and model, supported with extra heavy latex core and with holes that match with your car's factory hooks (if not then a fastener is included). We also offer coco mats, the preferred floor mat used by dealers when selling sports cars in the 1950's and 1960s. These coco mats use the same durable coco fibers but this time made with modern manufacturing techniques and thus avoiding the normal problems that plagued the original coco mats.


Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us to order or for more info!

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Over the years, different terminologies have been used for the same parts. To minimize confusion we've collected many of the different names to give customers some reference to the different Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Fiat and Jaguar trim parts that vary in terminology around the world.

Convertible top = soft top, rag top, head, hood, hooding, soft window Targa top, retractable top, vinyl top, top boot, convertibles arriba, converteerbare boven
Carpet = rug, rugs, carpet kit, carpet set, molded carpet, cut and bound carpet.
Seating = seat kit, upholstery kit, leather upholstery, sport seat, recaro seat, vinyl seat, cloth seat, sitzkissen, perforated, perforiert, embossed, sitzpolsterung, imbottitura sedile, asiento tapizado
Sealing = rubber seals, weatherstrips, weatherseals, door seals, window seals, gaskets, dichtungsrahmen
Panels = door panels, linings, trimmings, coverings, sun visor, sunvisor, sonnenblenden, headliner, himmel bespannung, encabezando
Trunk = boot


Leather = hide, side, skin, cowhide, leder, cuero, Connolly, Roser, Bridge of Weir, cuoio, split
Carpet = Abetone, Dorsett, FTV, feintuft, loop, cut pile, Wilton, perlon, tufted, automatico de alfombras, teppich, tapijt, tapis
Vinyl = Spradling, China General, Freudenberg, MB Tex, ambla, leathercloth, rexine, hardura, ICI, vinyle, naugahyde
Topping = Happich, Stafast, STF, Aresma, Sonnendeck, Sunfast, dobby, lienzo, leinwand
Seat Pad =  rubber fiber pad, foam pad, gummihaarauflage, almohadilla
Sunvisor = sonnenblend, pare soleil, domenica visiera, zonneklep