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Returns & Cancellation

While we do our best to deliver world-class customer service, returns and cancellations will happen from time to time. It is important to understand our company's policies for future reference.

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Cancellation Policy

Online & Phone Orders: All Orders have a 24-hour grace period. After 24 hours, the order is considered final and are subject to a 20% cancellation fee.

Warranties, Returns and Exchanges are subject to a different policy. The above policy are for cancellations only!

Return & Exchange Policy

All returns MUST have prior approval! Items returned without authorization will not be subject to any kind of refund and will be ignored until said authorization is given. Special Orders will only be given a return authorization if it's a warranty issue. We can return the product to you but you have to pay for shipping.

Non-Warranty Returns: Any authorized returns that is not covered by warranty is considered a non-warranty return (NWR). All NWRs will be subject to a re-stock fee of 20%-50% depending on the item ordered. The fee will be deducted from your refund or credit. The item returned will undergo inspection for any damages and said damages will be further deducted from your refund or credit. Returns due to refusal of shipment or wrong address given will be considered an un-authorized return and will not be subject to refund until authorization is obtained (and subjected to the re-stock fee) or the item is re-shipped at your cost. Freight costs are not subject to refund.

15-Day Limit for NWRs: All delivered items are given a 15-day grace period for non-warranty returns. After the grace period, we can only accept warranty related returns. No exceptions. If you end up not using the product you bought, we suggest selling the product on E-bay or related stores.

No Invoice, No Return Authorization: Returns can only be authorized to or through the original purchaser. The original purchaser is the only one that can inquire about the invoice number associated with the item to be returned and without an invoice number, we cannot authorize a return.

Special Orders: All orders classified as a "Special Order" cannot be returned. Since many of the items we manufacture are unique or fit only a limited number of cars, we cannot accept returns of these items. You will be advised at the time of ordering and your invoice will be marked "Special Order No Return" if this condition is applicable.

Condition of Returned Items: In order to receive a credit or refund, returned items must arrive at our plant in the same condition as when shipped. Here are some guidelines:

   a. Cut yard goods such as carpet, vinyl, top and headliner material are not returnable. Leather hides and 1/2 hides are not returnable if they have been cut or otherwise altered. Be sure to inspect the material, especially for color & grain before cutting.
   b. Tops, seat upholstery and carpet sets must be folded and repackaged in the same method as received by you.
   c. On convertible tops, please pay particular attention to the plastic rear window. Insure that the window is protected by the supplied tissue paper and is not tightly creased.
   d. Under no circumstances will a return be accepted if installation has been started.

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Over the years, different terminologies have been used for the same parts. To minimize confusion we've collected many of the different names to give customers some reference to the different Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Fiat and Jaguar trim parts that vary in terminology around the world.

Convertible top = soft top, rag top, head, hood, hooding, soft window Targa top, retractable top, vinyl top, top boot, convertibles arriba, converteerbare boven
Carpet = rug, rugs, carpet kit, carpet set, molded carpet, cut and bound carpet.
Seating = seat kit, upholstery kit, leather upholstery, sport seat, recaro seat, vinyl seat, cloth seat, sitzkissen, perforated, perforiert, embossed, sitzpolsterung, imbottitura sedile, asiento tapizado
Sealing = rubber seals, weatherstrips, weatherseals, door seals, window seals, gaskets, dichtungsrahmen
Panels = door panels, linings, trimmings, coverings, sun visor, sunvisor, sonnenblenden, headliner, himmel bespannung, encabezando
Trunk = boot


Leather = hide, side, skin, cowhide, leder, cuero, Connolly, Roser, Bridge of Weir, cuoio, split
Carpet = Abetone, Dorsett, FTV, feintuft, loop, cut pile, Wilton, perlon, tufted, automatico de alfombras, teppich, tapijt, tapis
Vinyl = Spradling, China General, Freudenberg, MB Tex, ambla, leathercloth, rexine, hardura, ICI, vinyle, naugahyde
Topping = Happich, Stafast, STF, Aresma, Sonnendeck, Sunfast, dobby, lienzo, leinwand
Seat Pad =  rubber fiber pad, foam pad, gummihaarauflage, almohadilla
Sunvisor = sonnenblend, pare soleil, domenica visiera, zonneklep