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Seat Upholstery

Replace you Worn Out Seat Covers with
Authentic Reproductions of the Original!
Leather or Vinyl, our Hand-Sewn Seats
are Crafted to be of the Highest Quality!

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Giulietta & Giulia (1955-1965)

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Seat Upholstery Kits and Other Seat Parts

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World Upholstery & Trim offers front seat kits for Giulietta and Giulia (Sprint and Spider) cars from 1955 to 1965. Our front seat kit allows you to completely replace the old, worn out or damaged seat covers for both front seats of your Giulietta and Giulia, to create a perfect fit for your new seat covers, we suggest replacement seat pads. We also offer trim kits to cover the tacks (wooden frame) or clips (metal frame) that hold the upholstery in place at the back and lower edge of your seats. World Upholstery has vinyl kits to cover the floor area beneath and behind the seats, those areas were originally covered with vinyl instead of carpet or rubber mats. You can special order steel reproduction seat frames, these frames are ordered from Italy and can take 6-8 weeks to deliver.

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Front Seat Kits

Alfa Romeo 750 Giulietta Spider Front Seat   Alfa Romeo 101 Giulietta Spider Front Seat   Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Seat

Product # 175-5025
Giulietta Spider
750 Series
(1955 - 1959)

Product # 175-5035
Giulietta/Giulia Spider
101 Series
(1959 - 1965)

Product # 175-5020
Giulietta/Giulia Sprint
750 & 101 Series
(1954 - 1965)

Color Samples
Domestic Vinyl     German Vinyl     Italian Vinyl     Italian Leather

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us to order or to get more info!

World Upholstery's front seat kit includes all the seat upholstery necessary to replace the original seat covers for both front seats. They can be manufactured using either Italian Vinyl (original material), Italian Leather (upgrade), German Vinyl (alternative imported material) or Domestic Vinyl (alternative American material). If desired, we can use contrasting welt (like the black/red contrast seen in the picture above) for all 3 seat kits or we can use 2-tone (as seen in the picture above) for the Giulietta Sprint seat kit.

Our pre-sewn seat covers are designed for easy installation and will not require sewing of any kind. The seat kits do not include any other seat parts like seat pads, seat frame or other miscellaneous hardware. Those parts must be re-used, fixed or replaced during installation. The seat covers are designed to be installed on original seat parts for best results, it may be necessary to fix or replace worn out or damaged seat parts especially the old seat pads that are almost guaranteed to have shrunk or been damaged due to use and time.

These seat kits can easily be installed by an amateur restorer. But due to other factors, like removal of the old seat upholstery and possible replacement or re-padding of the old seat pads, we strongly recommend the use of professional installers. These kits are "made-to-order", we do not keep them in stock and our typical lead time for production is 7-10 business days. Make sure to add shipping time when calculating the number of days it will take for the seat kit to reach you.

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Seat Pad Kit

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Seat Pad

Product # 175-2674-3
Seat Pad Kit
Giulietta/Giulia Spider
(1955 - 1965)

Call (805) 921-0100 or to order or to get more info!

Our seat pad kit can be used on Giulietta and Giulia Spiders from 1955 to 1965, they are designed to be used with new front seat covers to create a perfect fit and restore the look and feel of your original seats. This kit is a 4 piece set of molded foam (one backrest and one cushion for each front seat) and will need to be cut appropriately (each molded foam will be cut into 4 pieces normally along the division) to match the seat frame it will be attached to. The strapping to attach the cushion pads (the pad you seat on) to the lower seat frame are sold separately.

Since this seat pad kit involves cutting foam to match the seat frame, we recommend using a professional trim shop. This kit is normally in stock and can be shipped within a few days, if out-of-stock, lead times can vary.

Giulietta and Giulia Sprints used much thicker seat pads than Spiders. World Upholstery currently does not offer seat pads for Sprints nor do we know of any other company who does. Your best option is to find a professional trimmer that can re-build the padding of your seats using raw foam.

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Trim Kits

Alfa Romeo Giulietta/Giulia Trim Lock Kit   Alfa Romeo Giulietta/Giulia Trim Flex Kit   Alfa Romeo Giulietta/Giulia Trim Flex Clips

Product # 175-5037-4
Trim Lock Kits
Wood-Edged Seat Frame

Product # 175-5039-4
Trim Flex Kit
Metal-Edged Seat Frame

Product # 175-5039-4C
Trim Flex Clips
Metal-Edged Seat Frame

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us to order or to get more info!

Giulietta and Giulia seat upholstery is attached to the seat frame around the back of the backrest and the lower edge of the cushion using: wood-edged seat frames tacks are normally used to attach the upholstery and for metal-edged seat frames metal clips are used. Vinyl extrusions are then attached to the edges to hide these tacks and clips. These trim kits include enough vinyl extrusion for two front seats, we also offer the metal clips that are used for metal-edged frames (sold separately). Tacks can be bought in any hardware or general supply stores.

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Vinyl Kit

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Vinyl Kit

Product # 175-5866
Floor Vinyl Kit
750 Series Spider
(1955 - 1959)

Product # 175-5865
Floor Vinyl Kit
101 Series Spider
(1959 - 1965)

Color Samples
Domestic Vinyl     German Vinyl     Italian Vinyl

Call (805) 921-0100 or e-mail us to order or to get more info!

The floor area underneath and just behind the seats of Giulietta and Giulia Spiders are covered with vinyl. Our vinyl kits replace the original vinyl found in these areas; they are pre-cut and ready to be glued directly to the metal sheet. They can be made in either:

   a.) Italian Vinyl (original material)
   b.) German Vinyl (alternative imported material)
   c.) Domestic Vinyl (alternative American material)

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Over the years, different terminologies have been used for the same parts. To minimize confusion we've collected many of the diffeent names to give customers some reference to the different Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Fiat and Jaguar trim parts that vary in terminology around the world.

Convertible top = soft top, rag top, head, hood, hooding, soft window Targa top, retractable top, vinyl top, top boot, convertibles arriba, converteerbare boven
Carpet = rug, rugs, carpet kit, carpet set, molded carpet, cut and bound carpet.
Seating = seat kit, upholstery kit, leather upholstery, sport seat, recaro seat, vinyl seat, cloth seat, sitzkissen, perforated, perforiert, embossed, sitzpolsterung, imbottitura sedile, asiento tapizado
Sealing = rubber seals, weatherstrips, weatherseals, door seals, window seals, gaskets, dichtungsrahmen
Panels = door panels, linings, trimmings, coverings, sun visor, sunvisor, sonnenblenden, headliner, himmel bespannung, encabezando
Trunk = boot


Leather = hide, side, skin, cowhide, leder, cuero, Connolly, Roser, Bridge of Weir, cuoio, split
Carpet = Abetone, Dorsett, FTV, feintuft, loop, cut pile, Wilton, perlon, tufted, automatico de alfombras, teppich, tapijt, tapis
Vinyl = Spradling, China General, Freudenberg, MB Tex, ambla, leathercloth, rexine, hardura, ICI, vinyle, naugahyde
Topping = Happich, Stafast, STF, Aresma, Sonnendeck, Sunfast, dobby, lienzo, leinwand
Seat Pad =  rubber fiber pad, foam pad, gummihaarauflage, almohadilla
Sunvisor = sonnenblend, pare soleil, domenica visiera, zonneklep